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Current Tools

Logos Bible Software is my go-to when it comes to Bible study and message preparation. The amount of resources that are available in the software packages are mind-blowing. 

I do a large chunk of my work in Evernote. Everything from outlining messages, writing blog articles, collecting illustrations, filing articles for reference, and collecting ideas of places to take or things to do for my wife. The web clip toolbar add-on for Chrome makes grabbing and selecting images and text from the web a breeze as well. 

Asana is the best team-centered task manager I've found. I use it for daily tasks, delegation, and project management. It also has very useful iPhone and iPad apps.

Rescue Time is a service that helps people understand how they spend their time. I love graphs, charts, analytics, and trends so of course I jumped at the chance to graph my own behavior. Turns out the data was really helpful and has given me insight in to what time of day Iā€™m the most productive, what activities I should do more and less of, and how my time divides up across different parts of my responsibilities. If you want to see the practicality of it, Harvard Business Review used it for a recent study on multitasking.