I help people and organizations initiate change, expand their influence, and grow towards who and where they want to be.

Here are why and how.

Belief is persuasive.

You can tell the difference between someone selling for a paycheck and someone who deeply believes that what they have or know will make your life better. I only work with clients who I believe offer something that makes people’s lives better and I help define, craft, and deliver their message.

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Grow people and stories.

Just as people, communities, and organizations are living things, so the stories they tell are living. The problem is that everyone wants to be a story-teller but few people want to do the hard work of cultivating. It is the difference between Miracle Gro and organic; between a factory farm and a local farmer. I believe people, communities, and organizations need to be cultivated like a garden for the good of both the people and their story.


Forethought and response matter.

Crisis is a part of of life. The same principle about belief applies to defending as it does to advocating; you will defend something you believe in differently than you will something that is just a product. In the same way that public safety officers practice and have procedures for different crisis scenarios, so it is that forethought and response make all the difference when crisis comes. 


A relationship, not a contract.

The best results happen over time. A hired gun can advocate and defend but it is the addition of cultivation and time that makes a trusted ally. I like to win but, even more so, I like helping my clients and their stories grow and flourish.



Here is a portion of the organizations I've had the pleasure of working with or for. Some I was employed by, others I had direct involvement with through clients.



  • Media Relations Training
  • Communications Strategy
  • Self-Awareness & Team Dynamics
  • Crisis Communications
  • 1-on-1 Coaching

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In a business filled with a cutthroat, dog-eat-dog, heavily competitive atmosphere, Nick Bogardus was a shining light of integrity, politeness, hard work and honesty. That authenticity and character was reflecting in the great many successes he achieved together with his artists and colleagues. Driven by something greater than the need for “more,” Nick’s passion for bettering the world around him was evident in each action and communication. I dealt with Nick both as a fellow artist manager, as someone from the press, and as a guest speaker at one of the college courses he taught.
— Ryan Downey, MTV News
In my 10+ years of working in communications, few of the people I’ve worked with have had Nick’s professionalism, insight, and analytical problem-solving skills. In addition to serving as a consultant for several PR strategies, Nick worked with us to help us build a proactive plan to foster media relationships and to begin to tell our story. Nick doesn’t just solve problems in a crisis, but he teaches you the skills you need to get ahead of the game and create solutions that are unique to your business.
— Jessica Janes, Communications Director, Vintage Church Raleigh
Nick was one of the first managers with whom I really worked closely. We were both fairly new to the music industry, and each of us had to learn a lot on the fly. Nick was able to quickly develop a top-flight management company that was well-regarded throughout the music industry. His reputation as a thoughtful, hard-working, client-centric manager was well-earned and helped Nick create a solid company of great clients. Nick has always been one of my favorite managers to work with and I’m honored to know that he and I helped each other grow our respective businesses in the early years.
— Scott Bradford, Serling Rooks Ferrara McKoy & Worob
Nick tackled this difficult position with thoughtfulness and integrity. Part of what made him great in this position was not simply reacting to what had already happened, but rather proactively identifying things beforehand. His ability to be proactive in that sense is part of what made him excel.
Nick has character...an ability to discern what’s happening, but also the rare quality of opening himself up to constructive critique of how he is doing both professionally and personally. Nick is the kind of guy who could tackle a large number of tasks, roles, and challenges well.
— Nathan Burke, Director of Operations, BELIEF
Nick embodies the ethos of “getting things done” and this is true of his work in music management. Nick is a quality, class-act - rock solid with the business and personal ethics to match - a rare find in the industry.
— James Tweedy, Marketing Director, Relevention