Top 5 Things of 2014

My friend Ray Harkins asked me to submit a list of my top 5 favorite things of 2014 so I thought why not post them here as well. Here they are in no particular order.


Mockingbird Devotional, Quarterly, & Podcast

Reading and listening to Mockingbird has been like hearing the Gospel and grace in a new way; almost like another language. The guys I've recommended it to seem to like it as well.

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Disneyland Passes

Last Christmas our family helped us get Disneyland passes and we made sure to milk those things as hard as we could. They were an incredible gift and purchase because they enabled us to make so many memories with the girls. At the beginning of the year meeting the characters, riding the Winnie the Pooh ride and going on Mater's tractors were the highlights. By the end, Eva bravely went on (and loved!) Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, and Radiator Springs with me. We're hoping to be able to do it again in another year when baby T is a little older. 

Playing God by Andy Crouch

Because of our discomfort with power, we employ a wide range of near synonyms that seem more comfortable. We speak of leadership, influence or authority. All of these are important and beneficial forms of power. But these words can camouflage what is really at stake. The best word for it, with all its discomfort is power...

I actually believe the deepest form of power is creation, and that when power takes the form o coercion and violence, that is actually a diminishment and distortion of what it was meant to be.
— Andy Crouch, Playing God page 10

You can pick this up over at Amazon and read my brief review from this summer.


Friday Night Lights

Yes, I'm late to the game on this show (pun intended) but I'll make up for it by telling everyone I know to watch it. Why? Well, David Zahl says it better than me when he compares it to Glee.

Mineral Live

This one is actually directly connected to my good friend Ray. He was able to hook me up with a ticket to see Mineral at the Glasshouse and it was one of those shows that reminds you why you love music. It had been awhile since I'd had an experience like that but I was so thankful for it. Here's to hoping Mineral doesn't take 15 years to tour again. If so, they'll be in my top 5 list of 2029.